About Hot Spring

Hotel Okada has 5 hot spring source around the foot of Mt. Yusaka.
It is about 270 liters of hot spring comes out from 5 hot spring source  every minute.
The mountains of Hakone be known as a rainfall area in Japan. This rainwater is heated by heat of magma pools lying deep underground.

Spring quality:Mildly alkaline simple hot spring
Effective for:Muscle pain, shoulder, neuralgia, arthralgia, chronic digestive disease, hemorrhoids, motor paralysis, cold

Indoor Bath

You can immerse yourself in the large hot spring bath which is good for the skin.

Open-air Bath

Enjoy this exquisite intertwining of Hakone’s renowned hot springs and its natural beauty.

Business hours : AM 5:30~AM 1:00
Floor : 8th Floor


Soak foots in Hakone’s renowned hot springs while gazing at the breathtaking scenery of the mountains of Hakone.

Business hours : AM 6:00~PM 9:00(rain out)
Floor : 8th Floor

Yu no Sato

The guest who stay in Hotel Okada also use the Yu no Sato Hot Spring facilities during their stay.

These hot springs are a short walk from the main hotel and built on the side of a hill surrounded by the lush nature of Hakone.
Enjoy one of the many different types of baths at your leisure under the stars.

Business hours :
3:00~11:00(PM ) / 6:00~9:00(AM)

The Private Bath

One room session is 45minutes by JPY1,100(tax in)
The start time can be PM 3:00-11:00
(start from every o’clock).
Welcome to book in advance!

About Tatoo

Afraid to say but guest who have tattoo can not use the public hot spring bath, foot bath, Yu no Sato, SPA, even if they use the special tattoo tape. Please use the bathroom in your room, or make a reservation of private hot spring bath.

During you stay, please refrain from the exposure of all tattoos in any public area(ex:lobby, passageway, restaurant etc.).

The following is the room type which have the hot spring bath inside.