About dining

Experience sensational dining in Hakone!
All of the menu will be changed according to the season or the availability of ingredients every month.
The meal will be served depends on the meal plan. Book by the official website directly, you can have more meal plan to choose.

※If you stay more than two nights, the menu will repeat from the third day.
※Please be advised that we are unable to provide the special menus for guests with allergies, vegetarian or Halal food. We ask guests to consider the above, and decide for themselves whether to enjoy the food we serve.
※「Standard Meal Plan」,「Luxury Meal Plan」,「Premium Seafood Meal Plan」,「Premium Beef Meal Plan」 only available on our official website. If you make a reservation by online travel agency, please confirm your meal plan with your agency.

Sky Lounge

Using local ingredients, we offer Japanese, Western and a wide variety of dishes from lively kitchen with buffet style .

It is where you can spend the best time with the flavor, color and taste of the carefully selected ingredients.

Open Hours:
Buffet breakfast ― 7:00~9:00
Buffet lunch ― 11:30~14:30
Buffet dinner ― 18:00~/18:30~/19:00~/19:30~
Floor : 7th Floor


Dining YAMAZAKURA serves premium beef kaiseki cuisine. Enjoy from seasonal appetizers, sashimi, Japanese beef dish to rice dish.

And taste the lovely fruits for a pleasant finish of the meal. Satisfy your stomach with dainty Japanese food.

Only the guest who make a reservation by Premium Beef Meal Plan can enjoy the Japanese breakfast in Dining YAMAZAKURA.

※The guest who stay with children (under 3 years old) are not allowed to use the dining YAMAZAKURA.

Open Hours:
Japanese breakfast ― 7:00~8:30
Kaiseki dinner ― 18:00~/18:45~/19:30~
Floor : 6th Floor

Room Dinner

If you make a reservation for 「Standard Meal Plan」,「Luxury Meal Plan」,「Premium Seafood Meal Plan」, the dinner will be served at your room.

If the guest number over 6, the kaiseki dinner will might be served at the private dinner room.

※The child age 3 or older will be served as the adult meal, if you prefer to change to the child kaiseki dinner, please require by at least 3 days in advance.

Dinner time― 18:00~/18:30~/19:00~/19:30~

Side dishes

(16th Dec. 2019~31st May 2020)

Only the guest who make a reservation for kaiseki dinner, can order the side dish.
(The cake is  excepted)

If you would like to order the side dish, please give us a week’s notice.

About the cake order
・The Strawberry & Cream Decoration Cake
・The Strawberry & Chocolate Decoration Cake

<The tax-in price and size>
No. 4 (diameter 12cm) : 3,520 YEN
No. 5 (diameter 15cm) : 4,180 YEN
No. 6 (diameter 18cm) : 5,500 YEN

When you order the cake, please inform us the cake message and candle number.
(Ex: 5 candle / Happy Birthday)
And advise us the delivery time.
(After dinner or Before dinner)