Experience the excitement of Japan in a Race Car

Fun2Drive Hakone Experience the thrills, excitement, and adventure of driving a sports car around Hakone and Mt. Fuji. In the Hakone highland of Sengokuhara, just a 30 minute bus ride from the Hakone Yumoto Station, is the Fun2Drive sports car rental shop. Hakone is famous as a destination for motor enthusiasts, weekend drivers, and magazine photo shoots. Drive the mountains or cruise past Mt. Fuji on this enjoyable Hakone activity. The curving mountain roads of Hakone`s “Nanamagari” are legendary. The experience is led by a guide you can follow and is for a variety of drivers just looking to try something fun, international drivers license is required. What you will […]

Experience a Japanese Fish Market from Hakone

One of the most popular places for people to visit in Japan is the fish market in Tsukiji, Tokyo. There is also a wonderful fish market and harbor located in Odawara, a short train ride from Hakone. Odawara harbor is the main port for fishermen in the area. The fish brought in every morning are from the bountiful Pacific Ocean and delivered to restaurants, hotels, and shops all over the area. From Hotel Okada, it is a wonderful day trip option and experience to have while in Japan. You can come to the harbor in the early morning to watch the fish be offloaded. There are also auctions for the […]

Things to do at Night in Hakone

To most Japanese people staying at a ryokan is the destination itself. People spend time relaxing in the hot spring, eating the evening meals, or just relaxing with friends and family. There are some types who want to get out to see and experience more. The Yumoto area around Hotel Okada has some wonderful spots and activities to enrich your time in Japan. Outdoor Hot spring Hakone is famous for the many different hot springs in the area. An unforgettable experience is sitting under the stars in the cool evening air enjoying the Japanese onsen. Take the time after your meal to dip into the relaxing waters of one of […]

Outdoor Activities on Hakone`s Lake Ashi

Lake Ashi is considered the center of Hakone. The crater lake has views of Mt. Fuji, one of the most revered shrines in Japan, and outdoor activities to enjoy during the seasons. Reaching the Lake from Hotel Okada is just a short bus ride up the mountain from the bus stop located behind the hotel or from Hakone Yumoto Station. Take a bus headed for Moto-Hakone or Hakone Machi to reach the shores of Lake Ashi. Photo Credit: Ashinoko Club A new and popular activity is kayak rentals to see and explore the lake from new and special angles. The lake is calm and the surrounding mountains are a wonderful […]

Hakone`s Famous Local Craft

Yosegi Zaiku is the intricate local woodcraft native to the Hakone Mountains. The geometric wooden designs, history, and craftsmanship are registered as one of the most important local crafts in all of Japan. The center for this amazing traditional craft is in Hatajuku, a short bus ride up from Hotel Okada on the way to Lake Ashi, and the wooden crafts can be found throughout the Hakone area. Photo Credit:  All About Japan Hakone was the ideal place for such a craft to take root, grow, and evolve. Among the mountains are an extensive selection of different wood types and colors. Hakone Zaiku does not use any artificial dyes, but […]

「Nigiri Sushi」started♪

The sushi section was newly established at buffet dinner restaurant on July 13, 2018. Our cook of Japanese cuisine who have not make the nigiri Sushi  usually, but everyone practiced for this day! And we will be more familiar with delivering delicious nigiri Sushi to our guests. I also had tried once, and it was really tasty! The menu differs depending on the season. By the way, at the time of opening … · Tuna · Seriola dumerili (Kanpachi) · Shrimp ·Salmon In addition, it also have Atsuyaki Tamago, Tempura and Teppanyaki in our buffet dinner menu, please try once ♪

Visit a Japanese Brewery, Sake, Craft Beer, or Whisky

Japanese alcohol has received acclaim and attention from all around the world. A visit to Hakone allows you to taste and even visit some popular and award winning production facilities in the area. Around Hakone you can visit award winning sake breweries, beer factories, and even whiskey distilleries. All these places are wonderful short day trips from Hotel Okada in Hakone. Asahi Beer Japanese Beer has a smooth and light taste that has grown in popularity. At the foothills of the Hakone Mountains is the Asahi Beer Factory. Asahi is one of Japan`s most famous beer brands. This location was chosen because of the high quality of water flowing from […]

Geisha of Hakone

photo: There are many geisha in Hakone, Japan. Geisha are closely linked to the image many of us have of Japan. They are refined personifications of Japanese aesthetics, culture, art, and beauty. The geisha are women who practice the and perfect the art of entertainment and cultural immersion for their guests and patrons. They were once found throughout Japan, but with the changing dynamics of society their numbers have dwindled dramatically. photo: Hakone has many geisha who use the Hakone Yumoto Kenban as a place to practice, perform, and gather. The kenban is a short walk from Hakone Yumoto Station. From Hotel Okada you can take the local […]

Discover Japanese Anime and Manga around Hakone

Fun and Easy Day Trips to visit popular Anime and Manga sites Anime is one of Japan`s most popular products. Many of us have our favorite characters and moments. The area around Hotel Okada is a great place to discover and feel the world of Japanese manga. Here are some popular anime and manga you can connect with during your time in Hakone. Neon Genesis Evangelion        photo rights: Gainax After Tokyo was destroyed by aliens the new capitol was moved to Hakone and named Tokyo-3. The shores around Lake Ashi were developed and became the center for the training and battles of Nerv and the Evangelion series. In the […]

Hiking Hakone for views of Fuji

There is great hiking in the Mountains of Hakone. Hakone is a protected National Park and is full of wonderful trails to explore and enjoy. One of the most accessible and most enjoyable routes is Mt. Kintoki in the upper highlands of Hakone in Sengokuhara. Hiking Mt. Kintoki is popular because of the amazing views of Mt. Fuji, ease of the climb, and friendly atmosphere at the top of the mountain. Hiking Mt. Kintoki takes only a little more than 1 hour to the top and is a great day trip that has some of the most impressive views of Mt. Fuji. It is a place with a close connection […]

Experience Japan`s Ancient Road, the Tokaido

The Old Tokaido Road was one of Japan`s most important means of transportation for centuries and passes through the heart of Hakone. The Tokaido Road connected the imperial and cultural capital of Kyoto with the political and economic center of Tokyo. The Tokaido Road is the background for many works of iconic art, stories, and even holds significance to this day. There are wonderfully preserved parts of the road between Hakone-Yumoto and Moto-Hakone that you can visit and walk. Japan is a mountainous country that stretches from Hokkaido to Okinawa, but is not very wide at any point. The routes for traveling in Japan are limited to the valleys and coastal […]

Hotel Okada’s Largest Outdoor Hot Spring Room-Benifuji

The hotel is closed for about 10 days a year, mainly for the maintenance of equipment and the environment to improve the quality of everybody’s staying. Taking the new photography tools that the boss has purchased at his own expense, to began the exploration in the hotel. First of all, I would like to introduce to you the open-air hot spring room – Benifuji, which is the highest and largest among the hotels. There are 21 open-air hot spring rooms in the hotel, of which 15 are SUISAI. The Benifuji is one of the SUISAI room types. The SUISAI rooms are named by the traditional Japanese hues. The decoration and […]

The cherry blossoms of Hakone Yumoto are in full bloom too!

It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to walk from Hakone Yumoto Station to Hotel Okada on walking, but the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, and the weather is also the best, so we would like to recommend you to have a walk. On a bridge entering Hakone Yumoto Onsenkyo from the highway usually just a passageway, which is enough to make traffic congestion for a large number of people. ※ The famous buzzard buckwheat 「Hatsuhana soba」 also be crowded with a beautiful shooting spot of cherry blossoms Although it is such Hakone Yumoto, in fact, the cherry blossoms of Lake Ashi is not yet. Hakone Yumoto is about […]

How about order a drink by Amazon Echo

I had applied for an invitation before the launch, now I finally got it “Amazon Echo” I tried making my own skill at once. Regarding the development of skills, there was Amazon ‘s abundant documentation so it was a great help but as I thought it was the first time for me, it was a tough time for several days. Finally the beta version of the drink’s order skill is complete! What you can do is to order a drink by talking to “Launch Alexa Order Application”. Tasks ordered automatically add “ordering task” to “wunderlist”, so you can check online on PC or smartphone. Although it is hard to check […]

The famous ctopus rice cracker at Odawara fishing port!

This is the famous octopus rice cracker in Enoshima. If you have been travel to Enoshima, must tasted it! I always try to buy as I go to there, but it is very popular as I abandon it in a long line. Such an octopus rice cracker was sold also in the fish center of Odawara fishing port! And it is the same shop with Enoshima. The shop showed us how to making, it is really interesting! Here also sell the souvenirs which are also recommended. You can not miss it! 【Information】 1-6-1 Hayakawa, Odawara-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture 250 – 0021 9: 30 ~ 17: 00 (except some stores) Open all […]

The BBQ spot near from Hakone!

Mention about Hakone is a hot spring! Lake Ashinoko! Owakudani! Although there is not much image of the sea, actually it is possible to go to the fishing port in about 15 minutes by car from Hotel Okada. The location is Odawara fishing port. Recently the number of tourists has increased, shops are handling fresh fish in Odawara’s area, or Italian food. There have a shaved ice shop that used fruit , it is my recommended spot. Today, I would like to introduce the “Fish Center” there! In here, you can bake local barbecued items with barbecue cooked on the spot, mainly on seafood in the Odawara area. The best […]

Hotel Okada’s footbath was used in CM

It is a CM of a very famous Japanese mobile phone company, and the footbath of Hotel Okada was used. Japan’s Hospitality

This is the video to introduce Hotel Okada by JAPANiCAN. The room type is 「Miyabi」 with the Luxury Kaiseki dinner. And the hot spring is the 「Yu no Sato」, the hot spring facility which near by Hotel Okada. The guest who stay in Hotel Okada can get the free coupon to use it. We will introduce more room type and the facility in Hotel Okada, see you next time~

Hotel Okada Travel magazine

Welcome to “Hotel Okada Travel Magazine”. This is the magazine which to introduce about Hakone sightseeing, food and Hotel Okada from a local perspective. We would like to introduce our new partner “Mavic PRO” in the first. And this is the first video which we took by drone. It is not as easy as you’ve thought. But we still want to share the scene of Sukumo River and Yusaka Mountain with you. Since the winter season, the trees have withered. However, the aerial view of Hakone is magnificent, that I haven’t seen before. From now on, we will improve technique of video by drone, and share more beautiful or interesting scene with you. Please […]